Carol Burnett and Martha Raye’s legendary ‘Paint War’ – Madly Odd!

Carol Burnett and Martha Raye’s legendary ‘Paint War’ – Madly Odd!

The Carol Burnett Show’ featured a entertaining and imaginative skit involving a colour war. Guest star Martha Raye and Carol are equal painters in the park from Season 2, Episode 16.

Neither Carol nor Martha speak during this skit, on the other hand pianoforte music plays to afford the sense of an old-time quiet movie. Carol movesout with a canvass and sets it up in a park, dressing up a full light blue smock and beret.

Martha moves out in the equivalent painter’s outfit, on the other hand her colour is bright pink, and they both struggle in the beginning, wrestling with their equipment as the crowd laughs hysterically.

Carol assists Martha get ready and the2 ladies pick up their paintbrushes simultaneously and bump into each other. They each knock down the other’s canvas.

Carol acquires her fingers caught in her colour case and crosses her eyes in pain. Martha and Carol start searching for items to paint. Martha circumstantially spills paint on Carol’s canvass yetflicking her brush and thinking.

Martha feels sorry and wipes it off. Carol acquires colour on Martha’s canvass on purpose and smears it in with a rag.

Martha operates like she is will to assist Carol, on the other hand she flows blackness colour on her hands! Carol rubs her hands on all sides of Martha’s pink smock. Martha grabs Carol and flows colour down her smock, and Carol loses it, painteing a moustache on Martha’s face.

Martha comes back the favor, gifting Carol a moustache yet masking her chin too. Martha furthermore colours chocolate-brown glasses on all sides of Carol’s eyes yet the hearing laughs.

Harvey Korman moves out as park safety and Martha throws colour at Carol, on the other hand she misses, and it lands on Harvey, and he pursuitsthem to close the entertaining skit. If you liked this, share it with a friend.

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