There is a reason why this young mom wants to have many more children after having 11 already

There is a reason why this young mom wants to have many more children after having 11 already.

Consider being titled by 11 newborns at once. Christina Ozturk, a 23-year-old woman, existences this life and is ecstatic approximately it. She truly wishes to expand her family since she adores children.

The mom of 11 discussed her life and her determination to possess so severals children. Christina was 17 yrs old when empress gave birth to her child. She was a single mother, on the other hand her life was transformed when she met her forthcoming hubby on vacation.

She requisitions that he planned to her and requested her to possess many children with him subsequently descending in love with her at 1st sight. The recipe for the world’s largest family Christina’s children are commonly the corresponding age and were natural approximate! thanks to having so severals children at once is unfeasible, she and her hubby opted to application surrogacy to speedily expand their family.

She is their biological mom all the more if she did not deliver to whole of them. The copulate wishes severals more children, on the other hand they haven’t determined on a particular number. The infants pauperization the assistance of the integral community. Her rich boyfriend, 56, is a captivating dad who looks subsequently the family’s necessities.

They have nannies and severals immunodeficiencies to assist Christina accommodate the beyond compare look after the children. Christina persevere in that she and her spouse shared the tasks.Yet dad is at work, she seizes subsequently the children. They regularly appropriate the kids on advances and to the movies.

They establish parenthesis the weekends for family time, and they always make time for meals, no matter what day it is.

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