What an amazing change! The girl lost 80 kg to look like her idol

What an amazing change! The girl lost 80 kg to look like her idol.

A female called Kayla Lavende has been struggling with excess weight for 7 years. And every time the scale showed unwanted result, her parents bought her a Barbie doll to motivate her.

Kayla was extremely love these delightful and miniature dolls, on the other hand she  called herself «Barbie XXL» On the other hand the female featured a contemplative problem.

Notwithstanding, 154 kilograms began to influence notjust the appearance, health, on the other hand furthermore the mobility of the girl. Then Kayla took decisive action.

Firstly, she underwent operation to decrease her stomach, she began to monitor her diet and step by step combine sports into her life.

And at the moment the replacements are definately visible! Kayla has familiarised her diet and looks amazing. She lost 80 kg! at the moment finally, the female could bear the expense to show off brilliant outlooks Barbie, and not look ridiculous.

At the moment her life is supported on a in good health meal and activity which assist her to constitute her imagination become reality.

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